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Our schools are located in geological parks or areas with projects to be declared as such. Geology is a very unknown part of our culture and so we intend to make the school community and the population aware of what a geopark is, its geological park, heritage and the need to preserve and provide the opportunity to meet other European as possible models for operation and maintenance. Under this pretext, our centers open their doors to other European schools and local and international institutions to broaden the horizons of our students and improve their results in competitions. Consequently, we will use innovative and methodoly tools, we will work on real problems with institutions and real organizations, we will promote the use and updating of new technologies and foreign languages, as well as personal initiative and ability enterprising students by working in transnational teams in interdisciplinary activities. Let's meet our Geoparks through a comparative analysis, we will promote through the design of guided tours, creating maps, brochures, fossils and geotales guides and we will disseminate these results through digital platforms and publications . We will also reflect on their exploitation by observing other European Geoparks and the design and study of possible business and local products such as leisure activities, catering, tourism and handicrafts. Therefore, we expect to update the teaching-learning process to improve results and motivate students to continue studying and working in the area, reducing school failure. With the spread of the project we will promote tourism, a tool for sustainable development of the area and local people assess their geological park and the need to preserve it . Results will be available for organizations, institutions Geoparks, visitors, specialists in geology and teachers across Europe on digital platforms. As a result of all this work we will promote the empowerment of geoparks.

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